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January/February 2018 - #IAmInnovation


December 2017 - Wishing you another fruitful year of out-of-the-box thinking! 

November 2017 - Greener fuels for a better future

October 2017 - #IAmInnovation

June 2017 - Made to fit: technology helps musicians find the perfect guitar

May 2017 - Innovation: A desire to make things better

April 2017 - Research builds my music community

March 2017 - Research builds my healing community

January/February 2017 - Research builds my children’s community


November/December 2016 - Research builds my Canadian community

October 2016 - Research builds my farming community

June 2016 - Distracting patients with virtual reality 

May 2016 – Biodiversity in the palm of your hand

April 2016 – Precision irrigation for perfect lettuce

March 2016 – Canadian research luminaries

January-February 2016 - Converting waste to fuel in remote communities


June 2015 - Rethinking compost bins

May 2015 - Research partnership paves over potholes

April 2015 - Pulp and paper industry saves millions in energy costs

March 2015 - Pulse crops transform dog food industry

February 2015 - Keeping health records safe and secure


December 2014 - Meet the chefs

November 2014 - Research helps Canadian companies take risks

October 2014 - Boreal beauty secret

September 2014 - Thinner and more powerful semiconductors

June 2014 - New app system eases the pressure

May 2014 - Novel oil sampling tool means business

April 2014 - A sweet opportunity

March 2014 - Mom and pop research equipment shop

February 2014 - Beautiful on the inside


November 2013 - A chemical revolution


November / December 2012 - Medical imaging on a small scale

October 2012 - Joint injuries get some relief

September 2012 - Safer brain surgery

July/August 2012 - Sustainable caviar among “world’s best”

June 2012 - Building a prosperous port of call

May 2012 - Hundreds employed to fight infectious disease

April 2012 - Making the oil sands industry leaner and cleaner